TTR @ Coney Island

Starting Thursday (omg I actually typed Friday wazzz wrong with my brains) on an exceptionally good note because I'm meeting my girls for lunch before work.

Friends keep me sane during busy weeks like this one. Flying off again tomorrow but for work. Where got so good life every time fly also for holiday. I also want.


Love it when I take uber because I have time during the ride to do whatever I want. And that includes catching up on all my social media platforms.

I think it's the last two weeks for the free $15 ride thing… So use it while you can!

If you're a first time Uber user, use my code <joyceh114> for a free ride up to $15.

Uber is so awesome I can't even.

I use it everywhere I go in the world. The best thing about Uber is…. It's cashless. So even if you lose your wallet (which hopefully doesn't happen a lot), or you forget to bring your wallet out, you won't have to worry about transport costs that day, at least.

Bun head for today because good hair day. My bun looks messy but not messy at the same time, which is always good.


Raw and unfiltered photoshoot mess.

Hahaha. I'm so bad at packing things back to where they belong but thank god for @jongsy.


Lunch situation today with @nakedglory and Lyds.


It's so difficult to eat clean when you're out!

But. I tried.

Grilled chicken avocado sandwich from House was really yummy…. Which probably means that it isn't half as healthy as it sounds. Hahaha.

My willpower needs to maintain when it comes to food. Omg.

I realised that I haven't been sharing as many outfits on Dayre as I used to.. So here goes.

I got fed up of finding the perfect pair of jeans so we decided to manufacture our own.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is like finding true love. It's hard to find one with the right fit but once you do, you will want to wear it for the rest of your life. HAHAHAHAH.

But jokes aside…

This pair of jeans fits really well. It's not easy to find a suitable material but I'm glad that all the sourcing paid off. It's breathable and stretchy all at once, which is really important when it comes to jeans.

Not too thick but not so thin that it doesn't hold it's shape well.

Can you tell that I'm going to be wearing jeans really often from now on?


Me and my jeans. We're a perfect fit.


Just got done with photoshoot so I stole a moment to update my Dayre.

Gonna post some photos I really like from the outdoor shoot I did the other day later once I'm done editing. Heh.

And then crazy packing for work trip ensues.

Sigh. I hate packing. I feel like I'm repeating myself every time I travel but really. Packing sucks so bad. But not half as bad as unpacking. LOL.

Yay made it in time to update the photos in today's post!

Picking out just a few to show you guys is no mean feat. Or maybe I'm just biased because I'm the photographer.


This was what I've been busy with last weekend. Remember the craft-y stuff I was occupied with?

Glad they turned out nicely for the photoshoot! I had some much needed help of course. Especially with the water colouring.

Shot this series at Coney Island – one of the newest national park which just got opened to the public a couple months back.

Saw lots of people cycling there! There's a bicycle/scooter rental shop at The Punggol Settlement on your way into Coney Island, so it's really convenient.

Despite all odds (hurhurhur), we managed to catch the very last bit of morning light.

I loveeee the badger mask!

The easiest to assemble + paint. Hahaha.

Featuring the perfect fit jeans in olive colour!

We had to venture pretty deep into the forested areas for some outfits and poor Val was so terrified by butterflies that @nakedglory had to double up as her "butterfly chaser" by hiding in the bushes near Val as we shot. Hahaha.

I don't think you can spot her though. She's pretty well hidden! 🤔

We brought insect repellent just in case of sand flies but thankfully we didn't have any unfortunate dalliances with those.

Still, if you're planning to head there, just bring. Better to err on the side of caution!

This is my favourite set of all. The bear mask just matches so nicely with the dress!

The making of the masks were back breaking work (took me 3 hours just to assemble the stag mask wtf) but the end visuals made it worthwhile.

And it was fun! Felt like I was back to being a student, doing all the art and craft stuff. Hahaha.

Trench coat perfect for your year end travels!

Heh @jongsy and I already bagged one each to bring for our work trip tomorrow.


Launching it this weekend so that it's in time for your holiday plans!

Need to get packing soon.

Talk to you all soon!! If you have any questions about the pieces I just previewed, leave me a comment and I'll reply you the soonest! (Probably after my mad rush tomorrow, while I'm waiting to board my flight hahaha)

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