Can you tell that I'm really excited to be wearing winter wear this work trip? Hehe.


We woke up early and had some extra time on our hands this morning so we went around taking photos for our upcoming pieces. It's funny how we never really explore around when we travel over for work. It's always work all the way from the moment we step out of the airport until we step back into the airport.

Love this trench coat so much that I kept…….

All the colours.

For those who are wondering, it should be able to keep you warm in temperatures of 13-20+ deg C. It was around 20 deg C this morning and I was kept cosy in my tank top/skirt/50 denier stockings.

Definitely depends on how you layer it. For lower temperatures of maybe 13-15 deg C, I would probably go with an inner tank, knit top, thick jeans and boots.

It comes with really lovely button details at the back and the sleeves too. Stay tuned to our launch photos for those!

You can button it up all the way too, if the wind gets strong.

I also love that it comes with flute sleeves instead of straight sleeves so that you won't feel uncomfortable if you're wearing thick knit under.

You know that awful feeling when the sleeves of your knit top gets all squashed up inside the sleeves of your coat? Or am I the only weird one who minds?

So happy in my outfit today! Hehe.

If only we have winter in Singapore too…

But I guess it makes for good excuse to travel out of the country. Hahaha.

Woke up early today (YES AGAIN) to do some light hiking up Baiyun Mountain.

I was telling @jongsy that I would be so pissed if I hiked up all the freaking way and the view from the top is obscured by endless clouds like what you see in the photo.

Good thing we took the cable car. LOL. šŸ˜¬

Look. Can hardly see anything??!

But it was a fun morning though. Heh. And a good workout!

Photo after we finally made it up to the summit.

We took the cable car up but walked up the mountain for another hour or so before reaching the peak.

One with @jongsy!

Also, brought my olive jeans here to wear! It's so fun to style winter outfits. Hahaha. This fur coat would have looked crayyyy if I wore it in Singapore. Can't even step out of the house in it.

Alrightys. Off to get more work done before we jet back to Singapore tomorrow noon.

See you at the launch tonight!!


Oh yes.

Before I forget. Go join our mailing list if you haven't! Will be including an exclusive free shipping discount code which you can apply for all your purchases from our site this entire week.


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