Today's objective. Making McDonald's look as good as possible. Hahaha.

I didn't think that the Truffle Shaker Fries were a real thing when I saw it on FB yesterday.

But hello guys, IT'S REAL. No more paying $10 at cafes for truffle fries. Lol.

The excitement over truffle shaker fries aside, we're finally launching this knit bralet on Sunday!


Love the concept of a knit bralet because for once I can wear knit in Singapore for the entire day without having to be inside air conditioned places the whole time.

I love knit but sometimes it's just not practical if I know I'm going to be outdoors quite a bit during the day.

Took these shots when we were on our last work trip. Hahaha. Not crazy enough to style my outfit like that in Singapore.

Can't wait to dress up for winter again for my next work trip! Lol.

Also comes in sand colour, which I wore with the Wild Slit Maxi in South Africa.

Yep, one of those items I kept all colours for. Hahaha.

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