Running on less than sufficient sleep for the past few days in preparation for our pop up store coming up this weekend.

But it's ok! I'll survive. And it's kinda awesome to see the bits and pieces coming together gradually.

Can't wait to share more details!

Started from a bare space.

Then we decide on the position of the hanging racks.

Wallpaper arrived this morning!

Did up the wallpaper and hung the lights.

The light bulbs are really pretty in real life but not so obvious from this photo.

And then after all these, we went back to trusty Ikea to get some essentials. Lol.

I've already lost count of the number of times I've been to Ikea just the second half of this year alone. A few more trips and I might be able to navigate my way blindfolded. Hahaha.

Or maybe not. My direction sense cannot.

Distracted by other stuff, as always. But this bedsheet hen chio.

Bought mini potted Christmas tree! 🌲

The almost-purchase.

Already had it in my cart but put it back after thinking back and rationalising that the store was bright enough.

Most of my fickle moments happen in Ikea, I realise. Hahaha.

On a related note…


Check out our website's home page for the hiring details. Or Facebook if you prefer.

Looking forward to have new faces join our team!

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