Another stay-at-store-till-3am-day.

My brain is not registering anything now other than how tired I am.

But the store is 90% ready to meet the world now! Will deal with the rest of the 10% tomorrow morning before our opening.

Sorry I haven't been replying to comments here! Really exhausted to the bones by the time my day ends.

This was the store at 12 midnight earlier on. Still pretty much a mess.

One of my favourite corners of the store.

The store isn't that big actually. It's a nice and cosy space though.

Setting up a store from scratch isn't as easy as it sounds or looks.

What's more we had only 5 days to do it.

Dinner from Tanuki Raw courtesy of @nakedglory who stayed to help out with the setup and a million other things with us till 3am.

Sometimes I wonder what I have ever done to deserve all these awesome people in my life.

The decal guys from next door pasting our hugeass logo on the glass door!



Yknow that state of tiredness you feel when you get off work, reach home and cannot do anything else other than sit down and stone?

Yep. Feeling it.

Okay I think I need sleep. Hahaha. Goodnight and see you tomorrow, those who are popping by!

Pomo #B1-26
Opening daily 12-9pm

Okay. Last thing.

We're doing a 10% storewide for this opening week. And you can find new arrivals at online prices in our store!


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