The #TTRpopup store has recalibrated my sleeping clock.

I used to find it soooo difficult to wake up before 8am every day. But now 7am also can jump out of bed. I have no idea if it's a good thing though, because my bed time is still after 2am. Hahaha. Stress is making me sleep less. But it's good stress so I shall not complain.

More updates about the pop-up later!

Took me long enough to transfer the photos from the DSLR to my laptop, now that I have 84959295 more things to do every day.

Every day is like an amazing race.

Today's piece of good news.

NETS is finally up and running at the store!


Today's outfit. Upcoming black top and Caden pants!

It's my favourite bottom currently. Every week also need to wear. So far, I've worn powder blue and olive. Next week, black! Lol.

It's also one of our best sellers at the pop up, by the way. Some sizes are already sold though. Both online and in store!

Tadah. The powder blue!

It's funny how having a physical store makes me feel compelled to dress better. Not that I usually dress very sloppily. But on certain days of the week……. Haha I just cut myself some slack and wear maybe a plain black dress.

Now it's a different story. Because I never know when I need to head down to the store to do restocks/run errands. So need to maintain a bit. Hahaha.

Super chio store collaterals thanks to none other than the most talented @nakedglory! Hehe. Everyday ever since the store opening, I bombard her with lists of graphics I need. For both website and the store.

I swear she's sick of seeing my face and getting my texts already. LOL.

But. Really damn nice right.


Also. Chio console display thanks to Lyds!

Why do I have so many awesome and talented friends??

We also got some stickers from the NETS guy but nope. Putting these up will ruin the look of my store. Hahaha. Off they go into the black hole which we will never ever see again.


New name cards are also out!!

Now you know how come @nakedglory's to-do-list cannot be cleared. Ever.

Reminder. 10% storewide till this Sunday only!!

New arrivals are going to be stocked in every Thursday! Which means. Sunday's collections can be previewed at the store. Heh.

Really wanna do a proper update to thank everyone who has been supporting us/helping out when it comes to setting up the store and my thoughts..

But I just have too many things to deal with on a daily basis and the checklist never ends. So hard to organise my thoughts and photos into a single, coherent post.

Think I'll only be able to get it done on my flight this Friday. Off for our last work trip of the year, whee!

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