It's been long since I gave this space any updates!

Life and work is getting in the way and I just can't muster any excess energy/brain cells to type anything extra after coming up with captions for Instagram. Hahahah.


Hello, I'm the store keeper of the day. πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Surprisingly, it's really fun to work in a retail environment. I love chatting with customers. Be it giving them suggestions, telling them which colour looks better on them, answering questions about upcoming pieces they spotted from our social media or just talking about random stuff.

I think I'm gonna be quite sad when the pop up comes to an end when March comes around.

One of the highlights of my shift today: the arrival of #vwangxttr calligraphy iPhone 6/6s casings!! We thought it would be a cool idea if we imposed the wordings on casings as well.

Mad chio and makes awesome Christmas gifts. Heh.

It's matte black surface and feels damn luxe to touch.

Will be launching them online as well! But since mailing is going to be lag for the festive season, you should come by the store if you plan to gift them during Christmas!

And we're going to be running this promotion throughout our entire time at PoMo….

Even if you don't get anything from us, take a photo of your favourite corner of the store, upload and hashtag #TTRpopup! Extra shopping credits never hurt, right? πŸ˜‰

Asked the girls to do this hair style when they work at the store during Christmas week…

造反了, all of them. LOL.


Loving this leather top because it's not too crazy to wear in Singapore's humid and warm weather. Not too difficult to carry off either!

And it just looks really effortlessly dressed up and lends an edge to your outfit.

That's why we ended up keeping all 3 colours. Lol.


Black leather is always a classic but I'm leaning towards the Camel this time round. A little obsessed with earthy/nude tones lately.

I miss the weather in Hong Kong already.


Spent last night discussing about an upcoming event with @nakedglory and Lyds till late. So grateful for selfless friends who always volunteer their help whenever I need.

Looking forward to January but yet not at the same time because it is going to be MAD with our first ever huge event coming up (more deets soon!!) plus the prep for CNY launches.

Doubt I'm going to get enough sleep but wtv. Work comes first! At least until CNY is over. Hahaha.


Dilemma of the day:

Should I go toilet/go buy food now or later? What if someone comes to the store while I'm away?

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