New grey streaks in my hair makes me happy. Although I probably won't be saying the same if I spot real grey streaks in my hair 20 years down the road. Hahahah.

Wanted to go full blown grey but I don't want to give my stylist a heart attack.. So. Baby steps lah. Grey streaks first, then we progress to more grey. Hahaha.

Some sort of sneak peek of my outfit today. It's the pants that many of you have been asking about. Super love it but you know it's hard to take a nice sneak peek photo of pants when you're sitting down. LOL. It's pouring like mad so dk if we can take a proper #ootd later.

Heading to PoMo right now because we're open for half day today!

I didn't use to notice if retail shops open on Christmas/eve of Christmas but apparently they do.

Special set up at our pop up today for you to get last minute Christmas shopping done!

Watches range from $25-130!

Accessories from Foundry and Co range from $5-25!

We also have dainty infinity bracelets and the ever classic snowflake necklace from Sensibar!

All new arrivals for this Sunday's launch are also stocked in.

Come come come!

This week's in-store promotion.

Get vouchers for your future purchases with us when you spend above $30/50!

Can use it for your CNY shopping. Heh. How thoughtful of us, right?


Done by the most talented designer @nakedglory! 😘😘😘

Mission of the day accomplished!

This is officially my favourite pair of culottes. It's slightly straight cut compared to our previous culottes and SO SO SO flattering.

This is when I don't have to convince @jongsy to let me keep all colours. Hahaha. The pants can speak for themselves.

If you can't make it to the store, we're launching this pair of Sunday! Don't miss it. Really. Hehe.

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