The Men Don’t Get It

And so finally, here it is.

Sleepless nights ahead till the event is over, but excitement definitely is going to overcome my lack of sleep. Hahaha. It's our FIRST EVER warehouse sale and in my opinion, the best way to start your 2016.



Gonna have power packed goodie bags for our shoppers at the event and also giving away priority passes on TTR's Instagram so stay tuned guiseee!


Just wrapped up a photoshoot session and off for lunch with my girls now.

Be back with more updates with regards to the bonanza in a bit!

Working late at the office tonight because too many things on my to-do-list.

It's apparent which office I'm in because… Check out the mess on the table. Hahahah. Mess which only @nakedglory is capable of. That takes serious talent okay. #trolls

Lunch at Symmetry with my girls.

LOL usually I would transfer the photos from my camera but my brains are past functioning right now so photos from my camera roll will suffice. Heh. 😬

Their truffle fries are still awesome, as always.

Don't be startled by the plate in the middle. That's Lydia doing her thing. Hahahaha. #lifeofonlinestoreowners

Okay or maybe just Foundry & Co owner. Hehe hehe. Don't kill me if you happen to read this Lyds. Love chew! 😘

Yummy waffles with yoko's moving photobombing hands in the bg.

As always, coffee saves the day.

We haven't gotten the full set of collaterals done for the warehouse sale yet so please bear with the fact that my content doesn't match my photos. Hahaha.

This dress is a personal surprise favourite of mine from Sunday's launch, by the way! I don't usually go for such styles but this one took me by surprise because the cut is extra flattering!

Kept it in black too, yay!

Ookay back to the event… We're in the midst of preparation right now and I'm a mixture of nerves and anticipation all at once because obviously we haven't had any prior experience when it comes to organising a solo event like this. And also it is our first ever warehouse sale.

Crossing my fingers that things turn out swell. But that's probable since I have a super team backing me up. So. I'm hoping for the best!

We removed all sale items from the website and will adding more items on top of those which were already on site.

Estimating there to be around 300-400 designs up for grabs over 2 days of the event, 9 and 10 Jan. It's a weekend by the way, wouldn't want any of you to miss out in the up to 80% off awesome deals! 😉

Prices will range between $5-20 at the sale, if you're wondering.

Currently mulling over if we should do up a small showcase of our CNY designs at the event as well.

Our goodie bags for the early shoppers are looking really good as well!

I've been contacting brands which I personally really love to sponsor vouchers and items for the event, so do come by early and get yourself a bag because obviously they are going to be limited. Heh.

Okaydokey, gotta get back to work before I sleepover at the office tonight. Be back tomorrow to share more about the event if I can!



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