Last of 2015

Last day of the year started on a good note with Drea at Rise and Grind!

I've heard of this place but didn't know that it's located at Bukit Timah Plaza. Nice place with lots of natural light.


I always like taking pictures of menus so that I can remember the exact name of the dishes I ordered.

Brunch for two!

This is how all real runny eggs should be like.

Had a really bad meal at Hatched yesterday and I can't even. How do people screw up simple ingredients such as eggs?? Ordered the oozy baked egg and nothing was oozy at all. Not to mention that the seasoning was way off. Meh.

Got this from the TTR group chat. #truestory

Figured I should clear my backlog of outfit photos before 2016 comes around.

Here's an upcoming knit top we will be having in our first launch of the year! This coming Sunday, by the way. πŸŽ‰

The perfect solution to wearing knit tops in Singapore is to wear a sleeveless one.

At the store right now.

Having a retail space means we really operate around the clock now. Lol. We're open on New Year Day too!

New year, new clothes. Come by and shop! Our in-store promotion is still running!

Spend $30 to receive a $5 voucher, spend $50 to receive a $10 voucher!


I always feel slightly lost when days like Christmas and New Year etc come around.

People always go "what plans do you have?" Or "are you going to countdown?"

And then I'm like…… NOPE. No way am I going to squeeze with the crowds at countdowns and then having to pay 4x the normal fare to get a ride home after that.

So. I might just head home and snooze my way into 2016. Hahaha. Damn no life but whatever.

My last #madebyttr outfit of the year.

πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

Super cute suede neoprene skirt! Love this because…. Don't have to iron. The material is unique because the surface is suede but the thickness and stretchability makes it feel like neoprene.

Shared this article on my FB and I thought it was one of the best articles to sum up 2015 for me.

Wherever you are or whatever your plans are for the countdown, I hope your 2015 has been great and that 2016 will bring even greater things!


Starting all over on Dayre again tomorrow. Day 1 leggo!

I can't believe it but…

I came back to office. Hahaha. Training in progress for spinster life, really. LOL. Happy New Year everybody!!!


Wanted to organize my Dropbox but……

Okay lah. Maybe tomorrow.

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