More & Less

Chalking up some resolutions for 2016. Because a new year doesn't feel like a new year unless we start off with a checklist of things we want to achieve, no?

More listening, less drifting off.

I'm not the best listener around (LOL) and sometimes around people that I'm extremely comfortable with/in group conversations, I tend to go into a bubble of my own and not pay attention to whoever is talking after a while.

Hahaha. I know that it's a super bad and annoying habit so in 2016 I resolve to listen more! cc: @nakedglory @jongsy

More sleep, less laptop.

My state of insomnia has vastly improved over the past couple of months. Nowadays, I hardly lie awake in bed till the wee hours. Every now and then I still do lah. But the frequency has gone down to like… Once every two weeks? Yaay.

#smallwins #babysteps

Also, trying to use my laptop lesser before I sleep. Because it's so hard to fight the little voice in my head telling me to snack while reading random articles on FB or youtubing. Hahaha.

More play, less work.

For most people, I think it's the other way round. But I would like to think I still have some form of life and not feel so old all the time. So, more play less work for the upcoming year!

Friends, please ask me out more. LOL. Don't let me begin my #spinsterlife so soon.

More greens, less junk.

Because losing weight has a permanent spot on every year's resolution list. Hahaha.

More travel, less staying put.

Travelling is something which I started falling in love with over the past year. And I love how it makes me see the world and myself differently each time I visit new places.

Hopefully this year brings me on more adventures and opens my mind to new perspectives. Heh.

More communication, less living in my own head.

I'm someone who has a lot of conversations with myself in my own head. And that I don't mind being out alone, or eating alone. Hahaha. Or even travelling alone, for that matter.

But I realise that sometimes I need to reach out to other people and communicate with them more. Trying out this new thing whereby I talk to people more about what's on my mind or just whatever is going on in my day in general and it really lifts the weight off. Which might explain having less sleepless nights?

More mascara, less eyeliner.

Ending the list with a seemingly frivolous resolution but I think the thing about focusing on beauty is that it makes us look better and in turn, feel better about ourselves.

I got a Tarte mascara from DX for Christmas and it's amazinggg. Love how clump free it is and the fact that it doesn't really form smudges on the lower eye area after hours of wear.

Here's to more mascara and less eyeliner in year 2016! 🍻

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