In the office from 2pm-1am with @nakedglory yesterday to rush out work for the TTR event this coming weekend.

What kind of life do we have? Hahaha. The answer is apparent. #spinsterlife But I told yoko that it doesn't apply to her since she's neither old (enough) nor single lolol.

Managed to check everything off my to do list before we got our asses out of the office! 🎉


I know I'm all set when I have all my group chats ready. Hahaha.

Was a difficult task having to find different DPs to use because they all fall under the same event.

Anyhooo, just created a FB event for the warehouse sale!

We're giving away priority passes (whoever hates queuing need to go try to win!!) over the next couple of days and you definitely want to RSVP in order to stand a chance to win.

Plus, our goodie bags are super awesome!! Can't be more grateful for the sponsors lineup that we have. Every goodie bag is worth more than $100 and only limited to the first 150 customers in line on both days!

Extremely hyped for the event and we even came up with customised TTR shirts plus TTR lanyards for our event crew.

Am I weird that I'm excited over things like these? It's just really fulfilling to be able to see your brand splashed across everywhere. Hahaha. Our logo is gonna be an assault to your eyes once you step into the event area.

But in a good way, I promise. LOL.

And our new set of collaterals are up!!

So gorgeous I can't stop staring at them hehe. Genius designer @nakedglory okay, what dyall expect. 😏

Okay gotta dash, meeting sponsor over lunch for discussion!

Working my weekends away and loving it. Will get down to replying comments in a bit!

Doing my makeup now and I remembered someone asking me to show a photo of the Tarte mascara I'm using so… Here you go!

The gold reptile sleeve makes the tube look so luxe #iloveit hehe.

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