Before I sleep.

Happy to see the goodie bags coming together nicely!

I always stand by the principle of only sharing brands that I genuinely love. So I considered for sometime before deciding to come up with goodie bags for the shoppers at the warehouse sale because we have limited time and I didn't want to give out goodie bags filled with things that people don't want.

Then it kinda defeats the entire purpose, right?

Very thankful for brands who contributed to our goodie bags given such short notice.

I love each and every one of these brands. And I'm very sure that those of you who are lucky enough to walk away with the goodie bags will as well!

Here are the brands lineup for the goodie bags – The Face Shop, Bioderma, Nivea, MegRhythm, Smoochiezz, Claude Bernard, Arbutus, Guy Laroche, HIC juice, Milk Cow, Sin Lee Foods, Dessert Project, The Laneway Market, Azen, Foundry & Co, Sensibar, Nakedglory, Escapade and of course TTR!


Another event highlight will be that… We're clearing some of our shoes which have been used for photoshoots.

I'm usually a hoarder when it comes to shoes but yaa we're seriously running out of space and I know @jongsy will be very happy that we're doing this. Hahaha.

Only one design of each and most of our shoes come in size 37. Some 38/39 but not many. My models have small feet what to do. Lol.

And Meiting from Bioderma is super sweet to send care packages over to @jongsy and I!

We are super huge fans of the Bioderma makeup removers and I think we have been using them for the past few years already. One of the best makeup removers I've used so far! And you can find it in the goodie bags, hehe. The sample bottle is so tiny and cute I can't even. Perfect size for travels!

Wooo, so blessed!

And because our event is centered around the theme "The Men Don't Get It", we are doing our first dibs passes giveaway based on that!

Heh. Time to go think about the most perfect shopping excuses you have up your sleeves. Giveaway will go live on IG by tonight!

Pass winners will be able to bring a friend into the event with them. Time to start rounding up your shopping khakis and telling them about the giveaway in order to stand more chances to win!


In order to win, you also need to hop over to our FB event page and indicate that you're going for the warehouse sale!

You can find the direct link to the event on TTR's Facebook page –


Hmmmm maybe I'll give away some passes on my dayre too. Should be quite fun. Hahaha.

Yay the giveaway for the passes are now LIVE on both TTR's Instagram and the FB event page!

Go go go!

I'm actually having lots of fun reading through all the excuses you girls are coming up with.

Hahahaha. Keep them coming! We'll be picking some of our favourites and printing them out to decorate the event area.



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