Even though our event name is called "The Men Don't Get It", we haven't forgotten about them.

Gonna do up a corner for them to sit down and chill while you girls go crazy. Are we thoughtful or what? Heh. What should we put at the man cave though? Suggestions please! Hahaha.

We actually got the idea for the boyfriend corner because some customers will bring their boyfriends to the pop up. And girls being girls, sometimes we take a long time to decide on our purchases.

And the boyfriends like quite poor things. Just stand there ever so patiently waiting. Hahaha.

So this time round… We're providing phone chargers, charging points, drinks, magazines and a TV screen which will play all the dude movies. Idk. Star Wars or Marvel. LOL.

Also gonna be providing them with scorecards to tell you all if you should go ahead with your purchases too! Signs saying "TOTALLY CUTE!" or "BUY IT" or "Okay I'll pay for it!" Hahahaha.

You girls will be able to shop in peace at the event with our "daycare centre" for your guys. Heh.

Our crew that day will be wearing these super cute t shirt!

Doing them in Navy and White.. One colour for each day! Plus we have lanyards too. So they'll be super easy to spot if you need help! 🙂

I'm quite excited to wear the shirt myself. Hahaha.


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