Getting all our event deco printed out.
Will also be printing out the excuses from the 5 priority pass winners from TTR's ig and placing them around the event area too!

If you're one of the winners and want to bring the board back after the event, let us know and we'll keep it aside for you. 😉

Everyone who has seen my face today said to me "eh you very stressed is it, don't be stressed!!" Or "you look tired" or "you okay not?"


Feeling thoroughly overwhelmed currently but I'm sure we'll pull everything off!! Crossing my fingers.

Vouchers from our sponsors are slowly coming in and I super love this one from Claude Bernard! They designed it just for our event. And ya that's my photo on the voucher. Hehe. ✌️🏻

20% off their watches if you use this at their retail counters!!

Gonna share more peeks from our goodie bags soon. Even I want to keep one for myself!

This is my favourite shopping excuse of all. And the one I use the most often. Hahaha.

Okay so anyway!

I'll be giving away 2 priority passes here too, since so many of you requested for it. I don't think I'll ask for anymore shopping excuses.

Leave a comment below tagging your favourite shopping buddy on Dayre whom you want to bring along with you to the event! Will pick the winners at random by tomorrow night.


Priority passes allow you to skip the queue + get our goodie bags!

Each pass admits 2, by the way.

Good luck and start the crazy tagging!!

Another event highlight includes a lucky draw giving away a staycation for two at a 4 star hotel. Stand a chance to be in the lucky draw with minimum $100 spent!

More reasons to shop, no?

And yaaa this is the REAL behind the scenes. Hahahaha.

Boxes and boxes of clothes waiting to be sent over to the event area. My entire front door is blocked. If there's a fire or what, that's it. Lolol. No where for us to run.

And there's more lah. I don't think I've seen my office this messy before. It's like a tornado hit us or something.


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