Woke up to tons of shitty problems that requires my immediate attention but looking at these chio cupcakes made the problems slightly less problematic.

They actually look like the plants which I spray painted… But the best part is that these are actually edible (and super yummy). Hahaha.

From my sweetest friends of The Laneway Market!


They are sponsoring the event with $5 vouchers and sent the cupcakes to us along with the vouchers.

One more photo #justbecause.

A really nice gesture because they totally didn't have to and it felt extra nice also because of how crazily busy we are for the past week, which makes me extra extra grateful for all the nice things people do for us.

I thought I was tired enough to immediately fall asleep when I reached home at 12am last night.

But body refused to cooperate and I ended up sleeping after 3am.


It's like playing a game every single day and the objective is to check off as many things off my to-do-list as possible.

But as the day moves along, my to-do-list also gets progressively and exponentially longer.

It's like racing against time everyday and it's so hard to even sit down, breathe and relax. Ugh.

I don't know if you've ever felt this way but it's like there's just a huge jumble of thoughts swimming around in your mind and you take (way) longer than usual to process any kind of comments/questions that other people throw at you.

We (@nakedglory and I) were in this state for most of yesterday. Hahaha. Too many consecutive days of squeezing our brain juices for the event made our brains slow.

I was telling her that if I were this busy every single day, I would totally hire a PA.

Oh, and I woke up to a phone call from the mover who was supposed to come pick up all my stocks for the event.

Best way to start my day really. I'm usually as chill as a potato but wah. How can he do this to me do last minute???!!!!

Didn't scream at him or even show displeasure over the phone (probably because I just woke up and brain cannot process). Also because I'm not one to rage at people usually. But after I put down the phone and the information started to sink in, I panicked.

Managed to find an alternative solution but omg. Such an unpleasant start to the day.

I need to stay calm, really. I have super long few days ahead and I need to survive. Please don't give me anymore problems thanxz veli much.

Travelled all the way to some ulu yishun industrial park with @jongsy to collect shopping bags for the event.

At least that's one thing off my boring-things-to-buy-list. And I also bought SKP plastic sleeves for our customized temporary tattoos for the event! Mega excited for those to arrive!


Talk to you guys later, remember to join the giveaway on my post yesterday if you haven't!

And then the WiFi device at the pop up store just had to stop working.

Called Singtel, heeded their advice and headed down to Hello shop to buy a prepaid card with 100gb data, went back to PoMo, followed all the instructions and called the service centre but NOPE.


Super cute miniature bottles of shampoo and conditioners sponsored by Smoochiezz just arrived!!


Also for the goodie bags!

In the midst of event setup right nao. So glad that we are another step closer to the event!


I've picked the winners for my Dayre giveaway! @weirdshinyyy + @thelittlemoments, please email in to sales@thetinselrack.com with your names and emails to secure your priority passes for the event!



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