Another new day, another day closer to the event.

Which is happening tomorrow. Part of me doesn't want to think about it, part of me is super excited about it and part of me just wants Monday to come quickly.


Anyway! Can't wait to put this up. Our Photobooth backdrop for the event!! Made it look like our website layout, if you actually find it familiar. Ain't it cuteeee. Hehe.

Doing the barcode scanning system at the cashier so that payment will be faster and hopefully the queues won't get too long.

We have 2 cashiers in place, one for cash and one for NETS. I predict that the queue for cash will be shorter, so you can try to draw more cash before heading over!

Setting up the area as best as we can. This is already such a stark difference compared to the bare and filthy place we were given yesterday. Lol.

LOL @ the lanyard card which @nakedglory customised for @jongsy and I.

All crew will also have similar lanyards and cards except their cards say "CREW" instead. Feel free to approach any of them for help tomorrow!

Collaterals super chio thanks to @nakedglory! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Gonna hoard of all these in the office even after the event ends. So pretty how to throw.

Yay one corner up! The shoe corner!



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