It's is now way too early for any part of my body to function.

But yay today is THE DAY!

We spent the entire of yesterday (from 10am till 2am GAWD) just doing the set up + whatever needs to be done. Like packing goodie bags.

I'm sure those of us who worked in the assembly line for goodie bags now have a profound and new appreciation for them.

It is tedious and back breaking WORK okay. For realz.

We had to drop the items in one by one and imagine the work because we have 18 sponsors?! Not complaining about that at all but it's just that we didn't imagine the amount of effort it takes to pack goodie bags when we looked for sponsors.


It sounds damn easy in our heads but erm when we had to do it….. It took 4 people a couple of hours to be done with just the goodie bags alone.


But I'm sure those of you who managed to get it will love it! So okay lah, worth it.

Stackzz of vouchers.


For those of you coming down, bring umbrellas (because weather is a bitch), water to stay hydrated, entertainment while in the queue, portable chargers in case your phone dies in the queue, dress light and comfy and wear non flimsy shoes because some parts of the ground in the event area are quite uneven.



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