Back in action after a few days of staying home. I realise I cannot really stay still and do nothing. Totally bored out of my brainssss. Hahaha.

At this place called Sinpopo today for our first TTR meeting of the year!

We don't do meetings THAT often. Maybe twice a year max? Lol.

Salted egg yolk cookies and gula melaka cake looks damn yumz.

Happy to report that my voracious appetite came back.


Old school decor.

I wonder if the TV is real.

This is so tempting to buy just based on the name.

BUT $15. And it's a pretty small bottle. I shall mull over it while I have my lunch. Hahaha.

The menu is damn cute!! Brings me right back to school days. Hahaha. I was never nostalgic when it comes to school. I love my work life too much.

We unanimously agreed that the food at Sinpopo is really good!

Gonna file it under the list of places to dine at for our team lunches. The dishes we ordered were damn flavourful and on point. The desserts were good too!

It's been long since we went to a place where everyone walked away satisfied with what they ordered. Usually, group meals come with hits and misses.

In blissful food coma now, brb.

Blessed to be working with some of the most awesome people.


At the #TTRpopup doing stock in for the new arrivals now (bye, Friday night) and I thought I'll post a few sneaks here for you guys!

This is one of my favourite upcoming items for CNY. Printed marble romper with the prettiest pleated front!

If you don't know yet, we're doing themed collections for this CNY.

First up: PLEATS!

Once again, so difficult to decide between white and black.


Fishtail midi dress which comes in my favourite neckline and dainty accordion pleats.

Also the one which Drea wore during her most recent trip to Chiang Mai, taken at the tree house resort!


My outfit for today is also newly stocked in at the pop up.

Just stocked it in today and many of our customers came down and purchased it already. Thank you all for the enthusiasm! Also comes in top version. ✌️🏻

Back details veh chio.

I always have fun taking #ootd shots in skirts like this.

So swishy!

Also available at the pop up!

The material for this skirt is light enough to be nice and flowy but also weighty enough to feel sort of luxe at the same time.

If you don't understand what I mean.. It's ok. Come down to the pop up and have a feel of the material yourself! 🙂



The crochet skirt some of you have been asking about since forever. Heh. Sorry to keep you all waiting!

Okay better get back to work else I'll be here the entire night. LOL.

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