This season is all about the prints, crochet and lace.

I can't believe we are merely 4 launches away (yes hahaha my life is counted in terms of launches and not weeks) from CNY.

Gonna be launching new collections twice a week from now because we have too many pretty items that we want you to wear for CNY! Other than the crochet skirt I previewed in the last post, there's gonna be a crochet dress with champagne coloured contrast lining. Super pretty also! 😍

Not sure if I will be wearing the crochet dress this week because….. I wanna wear it for CNY.


Show you guys later if I can!

We also have a series of printed items designed just for CNY. Coming right up this Sunday. Am sure you will love the prints because I do, very much.

If you're amongst the first 100 lucky shoppers of our collection last night, you'll get a free CC trial kit from The Face Shop in your parcel!


We've been very blessed to be able to work with both corporate brands and locals start ups as sponsors for our #TTRSaleBonanza. Will share more when I get down to properly blogging about the event in detail!

Still at dinner with my friends so I'm just gonna post my #ootd first! Previews later okay. Hahaha.

The best thing about this crochet skirt is that you can pair it with a shirt to give it a more casual vibe. I always feel that crochet gives a very dressed up/girly vibe so I was pleasantly surprised that it actually goes really well with a shirt.

We picked the 3D crochet fabric because it gives the skirt more structure. I don't really know how to explain the concept but some parts of the skirt has additional floral bits sewn onto the crochet. Hahahah. Try . Use your imagination.

My description damn fail I know.

This is a result of me trying to multi-task okay, lol.

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