I've never been the sort to reach out to my friends and go "hey I haven't heard from you in a long time, let's meet for a meal and catch up?" It is usually the other way round because sometimes I can get so caught up in work and the daily grind.

But recently I've been making it a point to do so and it feels somewhat cathartic.

So thank you all, friends, for not giving up on dating me out despite my shitty schedule. You're definitely going to be seeing my face more often this 2016.


Here's the preview that I promised!

Colours of the crochet skirt. There's actually black too, but I forgot to bring it up with me to level 10. Hahaha. Anyway. Black is just black lah. If you want to see, full preview will be uploaded on TTR's Facebook tonight.

I think the skirt looks totally cute with sneakers!


Bag is also going to be launched on Wednesday! We brought in quite a few bags which are just about the perfect size for stashing your ang baos. Hahaha.

Marble rompers 😍

And the crochet dress which is currently my biggest dilemma.



I really like the red but I hardly go so full on oriental. And I like the black too but black makes my grandfather frown with disapproval.


Maybe white then. The lilac is a really nice shade but way too girly for me. Lol.

ζ­ε–œε‘θ΄’ 🍰

But no oranges so I replace with cupcake.

So pretty the colour!

We added a champagne colour lining for all colours to add an interesting detail to the dress.

Perf piece for CNY, really. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Gonna stock this piece in at the pop up from Thursday onwards, the online launch will be this coming Wednesday.

Side note.

It feels damn good to get home early and have plenty of time for dinner, random YouTube videos and whatnot. Early as in knocking off at 6-is and reaching home around 7.30pm. Hahaha. I haven't felt this way for what seems like the longest time ever.

Ever since we started chiong-ing for the event, my personal time at home is ZERO.

Hello, old pre-event life. It's good to have you back.

Tonight's dinner.

Eating clean before my 3 day HIC juice cleanse starts tomorrow. Idk if my willpower can deal but…. I'll try my best. Hahahah.

How my meals are gonna look like for the next three days.


The green ones look reallyyyy challenging. It's not that I don't eat my greens. But some greens like celery and parsley, I usually steer clear of.

Wish me luck!


The last time I tried doing the HIC juice cleanse was probably about 1.5 years back.

This time round, my juices came with a canvas tote bag which says "I DID IT" and a glass drinking straw which I thought was a really cute idea! Haha.

Also spotted a new juice called Citrus Chia which sounds yummy.

Can you tell that I'm psyching myself up for the cleanse? I'm honestly quite worried but can lah. I'll do it just so that I can legit carry the tote bag. Hahaha. πŸ’ͺ🏻

Disclaimer – juice cleanse is kindly sponsored by HIC but it's not a paid advertorial.

I'm not obliged to share it on my dayre but just thought that I would share my experience if you are ever considering doing a cleanse given that it can be quite pricey for some.

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