Starting my HIC juice cleanse today. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Hahaha. It's kinda sad when you wake up feeling hungry and have to make do with juice but I guess that's just the caffeine/carbs addict in me talking.

1 down, 17 more to go!

It's 6 x 500ml bottles a day so I'm pretty sure I won't be feeling hungry at any point of time, at least. Lol.

Soooo filling.

And am done with my first bottle of the day – Popeye Smoothie! 💪🏻

Made up of red dragonfuit, pineapple, banana, spinach and ionized water.

A lot tastier than I remember it to be. Heh. The spinach taste was not prominent at all. If anything, it was more red dragonfuit and banana. Good start to the cleanse!

My turn to work at the #TTRpopup today.

It's a happy feeling seeing all the pleated stuff hanging from the racks, looking utterly cohesive like one happy family.

Sizes for the crochet skirts are mostly still available, except for White. Only left with XS and L!

I feel like I'm doing some sort of live reporting from the store. Hahaha.

Feeling a bit apprehensive. Because carrots. And celery.

Who even likes celery??!!

But it's okay. I'm gonna finish this.


Took me an hour instead of the recommended time frame of 30 minutes to finish this in between tending to customers at the store.

But yay.

I did it. Despite the carrots and celery. It definitely wasn't as bad as I made it out in my head BUT the smell of celery was way too overpowering. The apple and cucumber did nothing to alleviate the smell of celery. Bleargh.


I doubt I can finish all 6 juices though. Hahaha. But definitely looking forward to nut milk. It sounds the tastiest of all.

Interrupting the juice updates with some #ootd shots since I have some free time on my hands now.

The same pleated chiffon material as the Fishtail dress we're launching tonight at 8pm!

Love that it comes with side slits. Heh.

Holly Draped Shoulder Top which we launched on site a while back.

If you didn't know, you can wear it as a tube top like how I did for the previous few photos!

Panicked for a good 20 minutes at the store just now because I couldn't find my phone no matter where I looked.

The first thing that went through my mind was "shit don't tell me I lost my phone AGAIN" although I know that it's not technically possible because I have been at the store for the entire day. It might have been that someone swiped it while I was busy tending to customers but I choose not to believe that.

So I borrowed a phone from the shop next to me and called my number.

Still ringing.

But because it's on silent mode (as always), I couldn't find it still. And it's not on the table, not in the cash box, not in my bag.

I even rummaged through the boxes we keep stocks in but also nothing.

Turns out that the sounding of alarm thing for Find My IPhone is really helpful after all. Hahaha.

Guess where I found my phone in the end…….

In the bag of TTR hangers which were in the same colour/material/texture as my phone cover. NO WONDER CANNOT FIND WTF.

Too well camouflaged.


I was really SOOOO close to giving up on finding my phone and was planning to get a new one after I close the store already. Imagine how ridiculous it would be. Joke leh.

This is a tough one.


I took the bottle cap off and already feel full after taking a whiff of it. Hahaha. Celery is the bane of my life, I swear.

Even though I don't have to tend the store personally, I try to do it at least once a week because I really like face to face and upclose interaction with customers.

It's just different from seeing mere words on laptop screens somehow.

And of course, receiving sweet comments like this never fails to make my day a super one.


Finally at my 4th juice of the day. Idk what to make of this juice though. The addition of cayenne pepper makes this taste very non-juice-like. Lol.

And. We have so many shoppers asking for the crochet dress today! There was even a guy who walked in and showed us a photo of it, asking if it is at the store already. How sweet is that??

But anyway, the dress + Sunday's new arrivals will only be in store from tomorrow onwards!

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