Second day of juice cleanse let's go!

Busy with the store closing last night and didn't get around to updating about the last 2 juices last night – Kale Tales and Nut Milk.

Kale Tales was extremely raw and green tasting while Nut Milk felt like heaven after one entire day of vegetable/fruit juices. πŸ˜‡

Just peeked into the fridge and there's coconut water and Nut Milk to end off today's cleanse so I think I'll be able to get through it just fine!


Also helping @jazreeltan to shoutout that she finally listed this cute dreamcatcher necklace on TTR! Just last night.

It was the best-selling item from Sensibar's booth at the #TTRSaleBonanza! All sold out after the first day. πŸ’ͺ🏻

Sneak preview of Sunday's launch. Also, what is freshly stocked in at the pop up store!

This Sunday, we're doing PRINTS.

We had 2 prints exclusively printed for a series of items for this upcoming collection. Maxi dress, halter neck flare dress, box pleats dress, spag top with double strapped back details and everyone's favourite Petal Flare Shorts!

For the floral lover in you.

I previously wore this spag top with the Caden Peg Leg Pants and some of you were asking about it…. So we got it printed and now you can have a piece of it too!


Tadah. The top I was talking about!

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