Introducing my two favourite designs from the Prints Collection coming up this Sunday!

If you know me, I love my maxi dresses so this has got to be one of my top picks for sure.

Sorry for the photo spam but I can't help it. It's late and I can't decide which photos to post. Hahaha. #noenergytofilter

Okay last one for the maxi dress I promise!!

And my next favourite has to be this halter neck flare dress. Material is loveee.

And I'm biased towards designs which cut in at the shoulders lah.


Both prints are super gorgeousss and I seriously had the toughest time deciding which print to keep for which design.


Kept both prints for the Petal Flare Shorts. Like duh. That goes without saying right?

I feel like I might very well end up with nothing to wear for CNY because I'm already wearing all of them now. LOL.

Did a couple of flatlays for the printed items just yesterday so I thought might as well share them here, in case any of you are looking for outfit inspirations!

Woke up early because photoshoot.

Gonna do a few sets of mat exercises before showering and heading for the office!

It suddenly dawned on me that I'm now going into the office on weekends as well. And I actually don't mind/hadn't really noticed until I go and think about it.

My dayre posts nowadays are hardly about the fun things I do or where I hang out at over the weekends anymore. Not because I'm not sharing about my personal life but because a major part of it goes to work. Lol.

There should be a sticker depicting overcrowded places.

Am relatively free today after photoshoot so I decided to do solo shopping in town.


Bad decision. Every single shop is spilling over with humans. I lose all urge to browse and shop immediately once I step into anywhere at all. Even the taka food hall is bustling with human beings.

I'm gonna go seek refuge at kino now, hopefully less crowded? CNY nobody wanna go bookstore righhhtttt.

Some days I really like doing things on my own.

As much as I crave for company, I'm just as fine without.

I relish the idea of walking through the throng alone, aimlessly, with no one to please but myself and with zero need to make conversation except the ones inside my head.

To put it simply, I'm never the kind of person who needs company when I go to the toilet, even though I know some girls do. Hahaha.

Same goes for eating alone, or shopping alone. I'm an extremely independent and decisive shopper and hence I'm absolutely fine when it comes to shopping alone.

See, like, buy. That's my shopping mantra.

Hahahaha. Don't learn from me, kids. Bad example. Unless you're buying from the TTR store. LOL.

Deciding on tomorrow's collection name with @nakedglory LOL.


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