Love For Lace

Randomly saw on IG explore page.



Marketing A++++ eh. I don't usually eat Mcdonald's voluntarily but I wouldn't mind eating there just to get these. Lol.

Twinning with @jongsy! πŸ‘­

This midweek we're going to go full on LACE.

I don't think I'm extremely girly when it comes to outfits but I love lace! Also maybe because it's nearing CNY so got the feels to wear lace. Hahaha.

I don't think Indigo is a conventional colour when it comes to lace but #noregrets choosing this shade for the romper!

I'm usually more impulsive/random when it comes to selecting the colour palette for apparels but @jongsy is the more conservative one. That's why we work so well together, because there's always a good balance.

Had hard time picking the lace from the dozens of options we had… But settled on this eventually.

It has a slight structure to it and gives the romper a really nice silhouette.

Launching this tomorrow at 8pm!

And I'll be posting up from previews today as well. Keep your eyes peeled! πŸ‘€

For those who are wondering what colours this romper comes in….

Here you go!

Fresh off the camera.


Here's showing you the other items which you can expect from our launch tomorrow.

All very apt for the festive season this time round!

Love the eyelash lace detail at the collar and hem for this top here. I think I'm going to be wearing the red one for CNY! On hindsight, this would look really nice as a dress too. Maybe next year?

Comes in White and Black as well.

And I'll reply to all your comments/questions in a bit okay? Wanna finish posting up everything before I answer your queries!


And then if you're still searching for dresses….

We have the perfect lace dress coming up in tomorrow's launch!


Comes in lilac, white and black too. Length is decent enough to be worn to work as well! We combined two different kinds of lace to give this dress more interesting panel detail. The cut is also super flattering if I may say so myself. Hehe.

Jo: Do you know what flavour is Paddlepop ice cream?


Jo: Nope, that day Auds Googled and it's milk flavoured. You try. *holds ice cream out for me to try*

Me: *tried* NOPE. RAINBOW. 🌈

And last but not least…


Here's my absolute FAVOURITE item from the launch tomorrow night.

Mermaid Lace Skirt. ✨✨✨

I was rushing my supplier like mad for this design. Half of it because I know it would be perfect for CNY and the other half because I can't wait to wear it out. LOL.

It's the kind of skirt which looks extra good when you walk down the stairs, or when the wind blows. Hahaha.

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