Woke up early (like 7am kind of early) and I decided to get my day started instead of diving back into the covers.

Jo and I were discussing about what we did well in 2015 and one of them being that we started waking up earlier as compared to 2014.

It may not sound like much… But #smallvictories and #babysteps okay. Lol.

2 more launches to go before we officially stop work for TTR and start work on pineapple tarts. 🍍

Currently trying to follow this set of workout which I randomly saw online.

The keyword here is TRYING.

I've slacked off working out for so long and it so damn hard to overcome the inertia when it comes to getting it back into my daily life again. Sighpie.

Here's the full link if you want to check out the article!

It has a 4 week plan for you to follow too: http://brightside.me/article/seven-simple-exercises-that-will-transform-your-body-in-just-four-weeks-82255/

LOL. Gonna take so much willpower to start working out daily again. But I think the hard part is being disciplined when it comes to meals. And as we all know, dieting is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Life as a girl is too tough. Hahaha.

Today's top down featuring the Claire Lace Dress!

I have an afternoon meeting later and I thought I would wear this instead of my usual dressed down casual pieces which are not very meeting appropriate.

The downside of being able to wear whatever I want for work is that I don't have many formal pieces in my wardrobe and that I'm not as well versed when it comes to work wear.

But okay lah, my casual pieces serve me well on a day to day basis. Hahaha.

Okay this is a much nicer photo styled by Lyds who can make magic happen by just randomly waving her hands around and sprinkling items all over the table.

Seemingly anyhow flatlay also can chio. True talent. 😘

Just had a meeting with a mall's management and it looks like our plans to place more emphasis on retail is going to come to fruition this year.

Our pop up store at PoMo will be coming to an end in Match, but guess you'll be seeing more of us around really soon!


It's exciting but at the same time I foresee many more tiring days and sleepless nights in 2016. Need to spam more anti-aging products please. Lol.

Launching in 2 minutes time. ✌️🏻

Wednesday nights are now spent at PoMo doing stock in after work.

But yay at least I have the company of Mcdonald's.


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