Woke up late and had no time to sit down and do breakfast properly and now I'm cranky af. Plus, I felt as if I haven't slept a single wink.

Gonna check out a new place with the sissy for lunch, finally something that lifts my mood up since the moment I woke up this morning. Let's hope it doesn't disappoint.


At this place which @jongsy found, called Da Bang. It's a Korean cafe/bistro in the day (12-5pm) and a bar at night called Don't Tell Mama.

The moment I stepped in I realised I've been walking past this place for the last couple of times I'm in the Tanjong Pagar area, but I haven't been noticing the name of this place previously. Lol. What's new right. Forever oblivious to my surroundings.

The seats are actually beer crates. Lol. Not too comfortable but full marks for being innovative!

The reason why we went to Da Bang.

Hot milk + coffee cubes. Jo had the hot milk + matcha cubes which made me severely regret my choice of drink the moment I took a sip.

The matcha one was SO GOOD. 😍 We ended up sharing. Hahaha.

And then we hopped over to Brother Bird to try their soft serve on rice donut because @jongsy has been wanting to for the longest time!

1000 calories inhaled but #noregrets because the rice donut was damn awesome? It tasted like crispy honey glazed mochi. Hahaha. My best attempt at trying to describe it.

The taro soft serve was disappointing. Tasted like mcflurry and only had a very very slight hint of taro. Meh.

But we polished off the entire donut!


More photos of Da Bang because i just transferred them over from the camera. I'm getting lazy with the photos I post on Dayre.

Most of them are randomly snapped using the iPhone camera.

Gonna make an effort to post up nicer photos once this crazy period at work is over!

On days that I actually bother to bring my camera(s) out, I get lazy to upload them onto my phone's camera roll and after that edit them nicely.

So they are all hoarded up in my SD cards. Lol.

Today is one of those rare days that my photos from the camera end up seeing the light of social media.

The matcha milk that I was talking about earlier.

I'm still thinking about it now.


Before pouring of milk commenced.

The latte which was good but paled in comparison to the matcha.


The nacho cheese omelette which was made up of simple ingredients but turned out surprisingly yummy! I guess anything taste good when slathered with nacho cheese sauce. LOL.

And it's actually not really an omelette? More like sunny side ups slapped on top of potato slices.

I was deciding between the beef bugolgi panini and the French toast so I asked the server for her recommendation.

She was like "hmm I would recommend the beef bugolgi because yknow, you can have French toast everywhere else.." Hahaha. And okay lah I prefer savoury food over sweet food mostly. So I ordered the beef panini and it was a pretty good choice I'd say!

There was smashed avocado inside too. 🙌🏻 anything with avocado is a plus for me!

Remember this dreamcatcher necklace that I posted here about a week back?

It got sold out so quick! And now we have backorders for it. Heh. Run run run and go check it out from our site before they're all gone again!


Grey for a gloomy day. This is called dressing appropriately. Hahaha.

Amor Lace Bralette making a come back in classic colours + new pastel hues!

This would look really good for CNY with a nice long flowy maxi skirt!

Comes in pastel pink too. Heh.

Just spent another 2 hours at the store doing stock in for the final launch before CNY pops around!

This collection will be mostly lace and pastels. Perfect for CNY and also, Valentine's Day!

The sweetheart maxi dress was actually manufactured for a friend of mine as her bridesmaids' dresses.

She just got the photos and I bugged her to send to me so that I can show you guys. Heh.

The pretty bride and her bridesmaids!


This is definitely a design that brides-to-be can consider getting to dress your bridesmaids in!

My friend (the bride) wants to chope a piece of this for herself from tomorrow's launch and her bridesmaids are eyeing the black colour now. Hahaha.

I kept both powder blue and black because I couldn't decide.

Love the blue but at the same time black is really classic too. I'm saving up nice dresses for the weddings I gotta attend this year. Lol.

The mesh part is made as comfortable as possible and it's not scratchy at all.

Also thought that the factory did a fab job for the ruched portion of the dress. Not easy to get the drapes right but they didn't disappoint this time round.

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