Last online launch tonight for CNY and then we're done!!

Thought I'll just do a round up of the items I kept from this collection since I didn't wear them all. Might be keeping them aside for my own CNY visiting!

My favourite item from tonight's collection has got to be the lace bralette.

We launched this last year in white and black but I really wanted to do it in pastel tones. So we did! Came just in time for CNY and I was really pleased with how the grey and pink turned out. That kind of perfect soft hues that I want.

Kept it in black and white AGAIN because apparently my wardrobe is a black hole and I can never ever find the pieces that I need when I need them. That or.. It's just way too messy and cluttered hahaha.

Paired it with the pleated skirt and it goes really well!.

For those of you who don't like the idea of wearing the bralette on its own because it reveals too much skin, you can get the bralette as a layering item!

Yknow how some tops are too low cut and it's too cumbersome to wear them with nubra? This lace bralette would be perfect for layering with those tops! Or you could wear it inside an oversized shirt too.

So many ways to wear this bralette, I'm spoilt for choice. Heh.

Case in point.

I didn't think of wearing it this way when we launched the bralette last year. But I saw it on Pinterest sometime back and thought that it makes an interesting layering option.


Kept this maxi dress for dressy occasions. I can think of quite a few occasions that I will have to attend this year which will call for dresses already, off the top of my head. Therefore, can justify keeping this in my wardrobe. LOL.

And the blue, of course.

Launching the Kari Box Pleats Dress tonight in solid colours! Didn't keep it in the print versions but decided on solid colours instead.

Good dress for days I can't make up my mind on what to wear!

I can't be sure if my tanned skin can carry lilac off… But it certainly looks good on @jongsy eh?


So I kept black too. It was honestly a struggle between grey and black but eventually I decided to keep the safer colour since we already have lilac.

And this.

Lace + off shoulder.

Into my wardrobe it goes!

We also decided to launch a basic top because we figured some of you might have trouble pairing all those lace/printed bottoms that you've bought!

Plain, solid and basic can never go wrong. Good ol' trustworthy basics, always there when you need them! Hahahaha.

Love how this top goes well with everything and anything!

And finally, see you all at our launch tonight!! 😍😘

We are offering self collection at our #TTRpopup. Please please please don't count on normal mail or even courier if you really need the items to reach you before CNY.

Self collection is definitely the way to go and your safest bet.

PoMo is pretty centralised and near-ish to the MRT (Dhoby Ghaut) so it should be convenient for most of you to pick up your items!

Leafy items from Sensibar to be launched tonight with our collection!

是 chio 的 right??

Because I also kept one for myself! Hehe.

Just shared this on my FB. An inspiring message that Chris Pratt wrote on his IG.


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