Some days, I just want to get away from it all.

Can't wait for my next adventure. Counting down to the day I'm finally out of Singapore!

Actually it hasn't been that long since my last vacation. But still.

Super duper mega excited!


Why my friend so weird derrrrr.


Side note – check out my new hair colour!!

Sat in COVO for 4 entire hours today. But damn worth it cause the colour turned out nicer than I imagine it to be! ✌️🏻

It transits from deep red to burgundy, and then ending off with deep purple. And when the light hits from different angles you see different shades.

Imma call it….. MULBERRY. Hahaha. Ownself happy one.

Yoshi (my stylist) said that the colour will look nicer after two washes….. Will post more photos then!


Time to bring out all my pink lippies because my usual orange toned ones look clashy with purple. Lol. #girlproblems sigh

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