Our current in-store promotion!

Download the Shopee app > register an account with them > search for "The Tinsel Rack" > follow us on our account > head down to our PoMo pop up store > our friendly sales assistant will let you know how to go about getting the $5 off!

Pretty simple if I may say so.

Only for the first 100 shoppers so runnnnn. ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿป

Wild ่ดข็ฅž็ˆท appears!

Hahaha I was so amused to have spotted him on the escalator on my way down to the store.

He loitered around the mall for quite a while, going into shops to hand out chocolate coins.

Guess we gonna huat big time this year.



Also, since there is a promotion going on, we have decided to stock the #TTRpopup with a couple of exclusive designs!

These were intended to be launched post CNY but now you can have the chance to grab them wayyy before we officially launch them online.


This super cute and preppy dress comes in Dove Grey, Navy and White!

Basic and versatile box pleats skirt for you?

Made of the same material as our very awesome Clan Straight Leg Culottes!


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