At Play Nation with my dear TTR alumni girls last night to celebrate Aud's birthday! 🎉

I've never tried playing Wii or kinect before (IKR #nolife) and it's an entirely new thing for me. So fun please!!

I love the Raving Rabbids game even though it's so retarded. LOL. Definitely good workout for the arms. And I can never forget how comical everyone looked while trying out the dancing game on kinect. Hahaha.

The kids in all of us had us squealing and screaming through the games. Lol.

It's a good way to spend time. $17.90 for 2 hours! They have card/board games on level 1 too, which we didn't have time to try out.

Taken after our Korean bbq dinner at Sota!

Idk why I'm recounting the day in reverse chronological order but whatever hahaha shall just roll with it.

I think someone needs to invent bbq which doesn't make people smell like a walking bbq pit after eating. I love bbq but the only thing that really gets to me is the smell. It makes me wanna go straight home and into the shower. 😕

And before dinner, we brought Auds to a secret destination. Lol. Refused to tell her where we were heading to because we wanted to make it a surprise!

Hahaha. She was guessing all kinds of places from the zoo to the trampoline park and even thought we wanted to drive her home so that she can put her present down.

We eventually ended up at the Homerun baseball batting cages! ⚾️

It's at a super far end of Singapore though – Jurong! The exact address is 200 Pandan Gardens.

I used to play a bit of baseball in secondary school and university but er, lost touch already.

It was still really really fun though!! The 80km/h lane was pretty manageable. Hahaha. You won't miss too many balls unless your hand eye coordination really super off.

We paid $50 for 240 balls. The place was empty so we didn't have to wait around much.

Yesterday felt like some kind of sports day. No wonder I woke up with aching arms today. Lol.

And here's a mandatory photo of the birthday girl! ✨✨

Birthdays are a huge thing at TTR. That's why we have something called the Birthday Leave. But obviously Auds loves us too much to even wanna spend a day away from us. Hahaha. #delusionalmuch

Had a fun day out with my girls and can't wait for our TTR retreat to Bali at the end of this month. Heh. We obviously play hard after working hard. 😬

My dad was getting his hair dyed by my mum in the balcony just now.

He suddenly caught sight of my hair (IKR it's been a few days, my dad obviously isn't the most observant) and he said “为什么你的头发这么美的,我没有”

Me: 你问你的hairdresser啦 *points at my mum*

She really used to be a hairdresser many many years back….. Got cert and all one okay. Hahaha. Maybe that's where I got my fringe-cutting skills from.

Every time @jongsy's fringe becomes long, she would request for me to help her trim.

Maybe that's my hidden talent. Fringe-cutting. HAHAHAHA.

Finally concluded the last batch of pineapple tarts last night.

Pineapple tart baking marathon 2016 is declared a success and a wrap!


Running around doing deliveries today. Is tiring.

This is what growing up really means. 要包 angbao 了 🎉

It's a bittersweet feeling now because it's now a give and take. Hahaha. 小朋友, better enjoy the act of receiving angbaos now while you still can. It's gonna be different once you start working.

CNY eve best spent at home with the family.


Awesome dishes whipped up by the mumsy.

Have a good reunion dinner errbardy!

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