New year means new hair colour!

Got my hair done at Covo earlier this week because I thought the previous colour was getting a bit too blonde for my liking.

I have this tendency to gravitate towards red hues during the festive period.. Because red for HUAT what. Hahaha. Let me see if I can find my photo from last year to show you. Lol.

5 minutes of scrolling through my IG feed later….. TADAH.

This was my hair colour last CNY!

Me and mumsy. πŸ’•

I think red hair makes me look fairer. Somehow.

So happy with the hair colour Yoshi gave me!

It's a nice deep shade of burgundy at the top which slowly transits into purple towards the ends. I've never tried purple on my hair before and was initially sitting on the fence when I had to make the final call.

Decided to give it a shot and woohoo I like it more than I expected! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸŽ‰

This hair colour is also a real conversation starter.

LOL. I don't think I've ever had so many strangers come up to me asking about my hair before.

And I received many compliments about this colour! If you're thinking of what hair colour to do next.. I'd say give purple a try. Heh.

I particularly like how it shows up differently from different angles and under different lighting.

Side note, it's a really good time to take selfies when you're on a cab. Hahaha. Something I haven't realised because I usually drive from place to place.

Just had my first lou hei of CNY.


Random photo of the bun being bombarded by xiaobai's furry butt. Lolol.

Bunny loaf.

I can never figure out why bunnies love headrubs so much. Just look at that face of immense enjoyment.

In other news….

Tickets to Taiwan booked! βœ”οΈ

Gonna be out of Singapore from εˆδΈ‰ onwards because I told @jongsy we shouldn't waste our only two weeks break in the entire year. Lol.

It was a super last minute decision because I'm spontaneous like that.

And I guess it's fate because shortly after the tickets were booked I saw this article on FB.


Gonna be in Taipei for a couple of days before heading to Taichung. Anyone with any recommendations on where to go/what to eat?


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