CNY in Taiwan (Day 1)

Beginning our 初三 in Taiwan!

@jongsy 🎉 #joycesayshellotaiwan

Just landed and the queue at immigration is one hell of a long. Can't wait to step into the awesome weather outdoors!

Our first purchase of the trip is the sim card, of course. Hahaha. Duh.

The last time I was in Taiwan for a holiday was when I was still in secondary school. Came to Taiwan for a short 2 days for a movie premiere two years back but that's about it. Am raring to go and 90% certain that I'm going to love Taiwan!

This what spoilt for choice feels like. I deliberated over my drink for a good 5 minutes, I swear.

Why do convenience stores always seem so much more enticing overseas? My favourite is Japan's!

I wonder if tourists feel the same when they step into Singapore 7/11s. Hahaha.

Rekindling my love for milk teas. SO YUMMEH.

On the bus to our hotel in Ximending! Took bus instead of cab like I usually do because jo says it's way cheaper.

Okay loh. I just follow. Hahaha.

She was just in Taiwan four months back so she's definitely more experienced. Hahaha. I will let her be the big sister for once.

Okay I need some opinions!

We only have 3 nights in Taipei but we shortlisted 4夜市s to go.

I definitely wanna go to 士林 so now it's a battle between 通化, 华西 or 宁夏.



I love dayre, it's such a friendly platform and everyone really chips in to help whenever I need opinions/suggestions.

And soooo, we're heading to 宁夏 + 士林 tonight! 🎉

On my way to the hotel now, will update on my adventures later.

The location stamp is super cute btw. It shows that I'm in Taiwan now!!

Am I too easily impressed or what?? Hahaha.

Just got my 悠游卡, gonna head over to Elephant Mountain now!

It's day 3 of CNY and we initially thought that the streets were gonna be empty. But everyone is out in full force and XMD is so fucking crowded. Lol. Most of the shops in the main areas are open too!

Guess our worries are unfounded, after all.

Waiting for the night view at 象山 🐘

It's getting really, really cold btw. Gonna snap photos once it turns all dark and head for dinner at the night markets after!

And our job here is done.

Yaay food!!! @jongsy

Just came back to the hotel to put our stuff down cause Jo bought a bunch of instant noodles. And they looked like they don't carry much weight but wtf quite heavy.

Flopped onto the bed and now I don't wanna get up. It feels like we've been walking around for the entire day. Plus climbing the mountain. My legs have officially passed away. For real.

Gonna rest for a bit then head downstairs to XMD to walk around before the shops close at 12. So haps just like in HK.

I love it when the shops open till late. It feels like the city is buzzing with energy and vibrancy.

Ate a whole ton of food at 宁夏 just now. So we didn't hop over to another night market because cannot eat anymore. Lol. Dabao-ed a bottle of sugar cane milk back to the hotel for breakfast tomorrow, yaay!

Thank you for all the food recommendations, didn't manage to try all because stomach space limited but I appreciate it very very much!!

Gonna strive to cover 3 more night markets for the next 2 nights that we'll be staying in Taipei.

Mission possible but wah, gonna inhale calories like nobody's business wtf.

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