CNY in Taiwan (Day 2)

Started day 2 hunting for breakfast on the streets!

Our hotel is conveniently located right smack in the middle of XMD. Which makes breakfast an easy task.

Check out the insane crowd on the streets. We were practically being jostled along everywhere we go.

The train stations are packed with locals who are relishing the last bits of their CNY holiday as well. Everywhere also human jam. Hahaha.

Can't even see the pavement. Lol.

Breakfast was this!


I love mochi!! Can't ever get enough of them. Hehe. Every time we pass by a stall selling them I'll be tugging at @jongsy and giving her my hungry eyes.

Tried the brown sugar and peanut! Both are awesome when you eat them piping hot off the grill.. But peanut has my heart.

Also might be due to the fact that I keep craving for peanut anything lately. I never used to even like peanut butter! But now I loveeee. Lol. Give me peanut butter everything!

On the TRA to 九份 now!

On the cab to 九份 from 瑞芳 now because the crowd is just insane. We had to try really hard to even get out of the station. Can't imagine the queue for the bus.

NT $245 sounded really reasonable in comparison so I convinced @jongsy to take cab hahaha. I'm a cab > train or bus person when I travel. It's definitely more expensive but you can conserve energy and have more time to spend at the locations.

I know lah. I'm quite spoilt when it comes to travelling. Hahaha.

Check out the Baymax beanie @jongsy bought at XMD earlier. Damn cute!!!

The human traffic in 九份 is no joke. It's as if the entire Taipei is here.

Finally finished checking everything off our to-see and to-eat list and headed to the bus stop but the queue is pure madness so we gave up and hailed a cab instead.

Got quoted twice the amount compared to our trip here but ugh, no choice. Crowd + rain is a bad combination.

Tried this MUST EAT peanut ice cream and omggg it's so good that I had two. Bought one initially and bought another when we walked past the store the second time.

It's just popiah skin, peanut powder and ice cream but the combination is crazy nice? It's an awesome mixture of sweet and savoury and the ice cream isn't over milky or sweet.


It's called 阿珠雪在烧 (LOL IKR name is hilarious) if you wanna go hunt for it when you're in 九份!

Anyway, I wasn't being exaggerating about the crowd. See!

So cray.

Heading to 饶河 now for the night market. Excited since it was highly recommended by so many of you.

I feel like I've been eating and eating and eating for the entire day. Exercising both my legs and mouth. This is what holidays are meant for. Lol.

In the queue for 胡椒饼 rn.

The queue is never ending leh omg. It better be really good.

Their business is so good that they even have a snaking queue pole system in place. Lol.

10 short mins later, we have 胡椒饼 in our hands! Hahahaha.

The queue looked long but it moves fast. Too hot to pop it into my mouth now, so I shall be patient and go find other stuff to eat first lolol.


Done with 饶河 and making our way back to XMD now. Desperately need to walk off those calories.

Saw this store selling 状元糕 and we immediately joined the queue because curiosity. LOL. We're damn easily sold.

It looks like chwee kueh but it tastes more like a combination of tutu kueh and those colourful steamed rice cakes.

There's peanut and sesame so we got one of each to try!

Posting some photos that I took of 九份 today!

It's a place which has scenery, shops which appeal to tourists and good food all together. I very nearly missed out on visiting this place because @jongsy has already been on her last trip and I wasn't sure if she wanted to come here again.

Checked with her and she being easygoing as always, agreed to accompany me there again.


The human staircase leading up to 九份老街.

This was literally my face when we first got there > 😨😨😨


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