CNY in Taiwan (Day 3)


I love waking up to a different hair colour every day.

The initially vibrant purple at the ends has now faded into a slightly ashy tone.. Which I actually prefer more!

Heading towards 忠孝敦化 area now.

@jongsy says it's a hipster area so obviously we need to go there right. Hahaha.

Our first meal of the day – 阿宗面线!!!

Another must eat according to friends who have been to Taiwan. Heh. I've tried this previously when I was in Taipei for 2 days. Still as yummy as ever!


And I wanted my muah chee again. Hahaha.

Tried the black sesame today and hmmm……. I still like peanut more!

Spotted a racoon on the streets.

It's so fat omg. LOL. Like a super pong furry rug on the floor when it lies flat.

It's really shy though. Kept hiding in between its owner's legs. LOL.

Hello we're here! At VVG Bistro!

VVG stands for very very good, apparently. Say real.

That guy's floral shirt just nice happens to match the cushion cover behind.


Ate half before I remembered to snap with my phone. LOL.

Love the milk tea at VVG Bistro too! Not cloyingly sweet. I hardly even drink coffee here in Taiwan because the milk tea here damn ace.

Got back to the hotel early today to rest up before moving over to 清境农场 via THE HSR.

So not looking forward to the part where we have to lug our heavy luggage around.


Hopped over to another cafe after VVG Bistro, called Savour Cafe.

So many hipster cafes in Taipei! Lol.

Banana toffee tart. Super good! 😍

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