CNY in Taiwan (Day 4)

Currently in the queue for some really famous milk cakes from 佳德 which @jongsy bought back from her trip previously.

We were in total disbelief when we arrived because the queue is about 200m long at least.

Oh my god. I don't think I have ever joined any queue this long before. The pastries are really good lah….. But. The queue is horrendously long! And I don't think we have that much time to spare because we need to take the 11.30am HSR train to Taichung.


Pretty easy to find this place but why the queue so long ah.

Everyone is bound to buy more because of the "since queue already need to buy more to make the time spent worth" mentality….. Lol. I don't think we will buy that many boxes though, because no luggage space and we won't be able to handcarry that many things. #weak

Queue, move faster please!

Their staff just came and gave these out to the queue.

To stop us from rioting outside their shop, I suppose. HAHAHA.


Happily ripped it open and the nougat plopped on the floor. Y SO SWAY.

@jongsy gave me this face 😒😒😒 somemore. Tsk. 😦

And so we left without buying anything because we were rushing for our train to Taichung.

LOL. Queued for nothing.

I was telling Jo about this new app which I found out about recently called Airfrov. You can open a request on the app for travellers to bring back local snacks from different countries!.

How much you offer them is entirely up to you. If you offer too little, then I guess there's no incentive for them to bring it back for you. Quite cool right the concept!

I saw a lot of requests for this milk tea which I tried on my first day here. Better drink more then. Hahaha.

I think this app is a super good idea.

For me, I don't really like to trouble my friends so even if they go overseas I won't usually ask them to buy anything back for me. I don't mind paying a small fee if some other traveller can bring it back for me!

Don't know how fuss free it is to use this app but I shall try it one day. Heh.

We made it!

Waiting for the 11.36am train.


Check out the blue skies! #nofilter

This is exactly what I'm seeing in real life right now.

Always in awe by everything nature has to offer. I love Taichung already! So many mountains surrounding us.

Feels so different from Taipei but it's a good kind of different.


On the car up to 清境 now I feel so car sick…….. And I'm not even prone to motion sickness usually. This driver really cannot.

Save me.


Spotted these on our way up!

My view right now. The ceiling in our room because I'm just lying on the bed trying to rid myself of the motion sickness from the ride.

Everything is great here except that we had to climb two flights of stairs to reach our room while carrying our luggage. Good thing I was trained well in NYC where I had to carry my huge luggage + handcarry up the stairs because my airbnb apartment was on the fourth storey lol.

#iphonephotography at its best. Also because the view here is beautiful enough that any camera becomes a decent one by default. Lol.

The view straight out of our balcony!

Went outside to explore once I recovered from my car sickness.


The very first time I watched the sun set right before my eyes.

It was literally like an orange orb descending from the clouds, hanging right in front of you for a couple of minutes before dipping into the realms of the mountains.

We also managed to take a time lapse video of entire sunset!

Tonight's dinner.. 一度赞!

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