CNY in Taiwan (Day 5)

Awake at ungodly hour of 4am with makeup and hair done because we're gonna go catch the sunrise on 合欢山.


Never in my life have I been up so early before to catch the sunrise. Let's hope the sun really rises magnificently enough to make the waking up early worth it.


We are severely underdressed for the cold. The guide saw us and immediately passed us 2 super huge and puffy windbreakers and told us that it is going to be really cold up there. It's already… 8 degC right where we are. Is it gonna be like zero degC up there??!


Stargazing before sunrise.

Didn't bring my tripod along because I didn't plan this into the itinerary. But sometimes a rock is good enough.

Spotted the northern stars and the horoscopes!

And so I was wrong. It was freaking -1.8 degC up at the top and this was all I wore.

Everyone who walked past commented on my "bravery" for wearing a skirt. Hahahaha. Shit.

Freezing our fingers and toes off for the amazing sunrise view was worth it, although the pain was stinging and it felt like pins and needles all over my hands and feet.

I'm still having trouble typing on my phone now actually. Have not fully regained feelings in my fingers yet. Lol.

Back in the warmth of the room's electric blanket now. If Singapore had winter I would definitely invest in one. Under the blanket is the best place to be in winter.


Posting some photos which were taken by the iPhone at the mountain top just now!

I always thought that I'm a city girl through and through but after travelling to a few places last year, it's always nature that has me in awe.

Golden warmth flooding the mountain peaks.

Rising sun.


If you're planning to stay at 清境农场 then I would recommend you to sacrifice a bit of sleep (and risk the possibility of losing your fingers and toes if you went dressed like me HAHA) and go for the sunrise tour at 合欢山!

I'll be doing up proper blog posts and include details of my accommodations after I get back.

It'll be my pet project for March. And I don't think I've finished blogging about my NYC trip…… 😶 but I'll try to complete my posts for this trip! Hahaha.

Going all the way to the mountain top plus having to bear with the extreme temperature calls for a victory selfie, of course!

By this time our noses already turned red and had no feeling. It was a wonder we still managed to force smiles. Lol.

Had our fill of fun and lots of uphill walking at the farm and now we're chilling at Starbucks waiting for our transport to come pick us and send us to Taichung.

One of my favourite photos taken at the farm.

Travelling really makes good photos. Anywhere anyhow also nice.

Bid goodbye to the beautiful and serene 清境 and we're now in Taichung!

The shocking thing is….. There is no mrt in Taichung.


Can only get around via bus, cab or walking. Lol. It's a good thing I had the foresight to book a driver for our next two days in Taichung prior to our trip.

But okay, I just checked. They have plenty of uberx cars here!

Lol uberx cars are pink with a heart shape for valentine's today! So cute.

Heading to 逢甲夜市 now to grab us some dinner. Excited since it's one of the biggest night markets in Taiwan!

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