CNY in Taiwan (Day 6)

On the car with our driver 林先生 now, exploring different parts of Taichung!

He recommended us this place called 春水堂 for breakfast. It's supposedly where pearl milk tea was invented.

Took photos of our sumptuous breakfast but it's all in the camera..

林先生 told us that today and tomorrow will be perfect to start our exploration of Taichung beceause their 9 day (!!) CNY holiday just ended and the streets are going to be a lot less crowded.

The vibe here in Taichung is a lot more laid back and less vibrant compared to Taipei city.

But I like both places the same.

He told us something which rings true "人多的地方,人情味就变少". Which explains why the people from other parts of Taiwan are slightly friendlier compared to the main Taipei city.

They are all so genuine and nice… At least those that we've met so far. Looks like we're gonna enjoy our next couple of days in Taichung!


Only thing is the weather…

Need to maintain abit. DAMN COLD. 😨

Seeking refuge from the cold. It's so cold that even my brain feels frozen.

Constantly on the lookout for my next hot drink. Lol.


Went cycling just now along this green corridor and the wind was insane. So bone piercingly cold. I know I keep complaining about the cold but it's really the only sensation I've been feeling for the entire day.

Totally didn't pack appropriate clothing for the weather in Taichung.

Anyway, we managed to complete the 24km trail with the help of our motor bike. Hahaha. Thank goodness 林先生 suggested us to rent that instead of the normal bicycle.

Just spent the past 4 hours at KTV singing our lungs out. Whee!

Holiday KTV as recommended by our private guide 林先生. We really enjoyed having him bring us around and so I'll be sharing his contact here tomorrow, after our last day with him.


We thought we were gonna get a small cosy room since it was just the 2 of us.

But nope, we were shown a room which can possibly fit up to 20 people? Wtf damn spacious!

This photo shows half the room only. 😨

Free flow food, buffet style!

And more food.

Their fries and nuggets are the bomb. And they are constantly being topped up!

Drinks dispensers!

And they have ice cream toooo!

We didn't even need to hunt for dinner because we were full after KTV. HAHAHA.

4 hours too short… And the KTV is really cheap here. $20 for 4 hours including free flow drinks and buffet bar. The food and drinks are legit good too!

Coming back again tomorrow night!! Hahaha. Our new favourite night activity because the night markets are getting a bit too similar.

After breakfast today, 林先生 brought us to this place called 宫原眼科 which sells 伴手礼 which are super nicely packaged.

Before we stepped in, he told us to not waste money on their stuff because the packaging is nicer than the food itself… And the things are more expensive than those sold at famous traditional shops.

Everything looks good inside. The interior of the place is immaculate and even their sales assistants are dressed to suit the look of the place!

Nougats packaged as books!

The cups that we were served tea in are super cute toooo omg.

凤梨酥 boxes damn nice please!!


I knew I was a goner 10 seconds after I stepped into the store. HAHAHA.

Forgot about everything 林先生 told us prior to going in.

Word play on the phrase 施比受更有福.

I love love love this paper bag!

吃比瘦更有福 indeed. Hahahah.

Walked out of the store shamefacedly, lugging all these chio paperbags filled with overpriced but gorgeously packaged pastries. Hahaha. Sorry luh, sucker for packaging is like that.

林先生 saw me and he laughed non stop and said "不是叫你不要花钱了吗?你吼…."



Packaging: 1 Me: 0

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