CNY in Taiwan (Day 7)

On our way to Sun Moon Lake now so I thought I'll update about breakfast!

It's another cold and dreary day in Taichung.. Getting out of bed is no mean feat because it's so damn cold once you get out of the covers!

This morning's temperature is only about 9 deg C. ☃

We tried our best to layer as much as we can with our pathetic "wardrobe".

Breakfast at 永和豆浆!

There's an outlet at Geylang Road, which I've been. But somehow the food here taste much much better! Probably because Taiwan is the place of origin.

Or maybe because everything taste better when you're on holiday? Hahaha.

Ordered 蛋饼 小笼包 热豆浆 咸豆浆!

Obviously too much food for us to even finish but we just wanted to try more dishes since it's our last day here in Taiwan.

Actually everyday also like that lah. Over ambitious when it comes to food. Lol.

Salty soya bean is something new to the taste buds and I think I would like it better if it weren't spicy. Haha. The normal soya bean was soooo good.

This is how Sun Moon Lake looks like on a normal day.

This is how Sun Moon Lake looks like to us. FOL.

Today is super foggy and rainy boohoo. 😦

View from the cable car.


Like what @jongsy said… It's like we're in Genting. Hahaha.

Because the best thing to eat in bone chilling cold weather is ice cream.


Yummy gelato from 18 deg C!

This was the best shot i could get of the lake given the dense fog surrounding it…

It cleared up for a couple of minutes. Then fogged up again. Lol.

Gonna make another trip to Sun Moon Lake the next time I visit Taiwan!

Went to 九族文化村 via cable car from Sun Moon Lake and we were looking forward to the cherry blossoms there because the TV commercials kept showing it and we were supposedly here at the right timing where the trees are in full bloom.

But it's another case of expectation vs reality… Hahaha.

Expectation: Entire forest of pink blooms with happy families sitting under the trees having picnics and kids rolling about on the grass.

Reality: flower-less and bare looking branches.

Plus the fog + drizzle situation making it look even more depressing than it is.

Mother nature and human nature. Both fickle and unpredictable. Sigh. Haha.


A few is better than nothing.

After looking around for abit… Okay lah. We found a cluster that remotely resembles what they showed on TV.

I'm sure when the buds bloom fully the entire place is going to look like what they show in their marketing images. We were just there a few weeks too early I guess? Hahaha.

A good photography angle saves the day. Looks a lot more legit compared to the previous photos right?


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