Yknow you've been travelling way too much when your friends ask you if you're back at the start of every convo.


Happy Monday everyone! Have the best day in school/at work!


Checked out a new place called Punch for brunch over the weekends.

It's funny and a little disconcerting that they have no physical menu. Instead, you have friendly servers rattling the menu off their tongues for you.

Oh and you have to ask them for the prices too. Not too pricey if you ask me. We had 2 mains, 2 desserts and 2 drinks for $56?

And they have a nice courtyard area for photos! Lolol. Plus points +++++

I hardly ever take ootds on my off days anymore but it was a nice place so….. Haha.

It's honestly been some time since I've last sat down and really blog/dayre about my life. And I haven't realised just how therapeutic it feels to have somewhere my thoughts can be channelled to.

Shall set some time tonight to sit down and do it.



New platform + layout!

This part damn chio @@nakedglory hehe 😍😘

It's only Monday but I've got my entire week planned out!πŸŽ‰

Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing the boxes on my organiser being filled up with meetings and meetups with friends and family.

Yay to a fulfilling week ahead!


New post up! I'll spend this weekend re-uploading the rest of my old photos. πŸ˜ͺ

And also…. Taiwan and Bali. Yes, I know. I'm horrible at keeping up with my life. NYC was like what? 6 months ago. Hahaha.

There are some people expect you to do nice things for them, and then there are some people do nice things for you and expect nothing in return.

How nice would it be if the world is made up of the latter.

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