Met up for a long overdue dinner with my squash girls last night.

Our plan was Teppei @ ION but the space was too small + crowded so we gave up and headed to Saveur Art instead.

The ambience was perf for long chats over dinner. And the food standard improved vastly compared to the last time I was there. LOL.

Plus, they had a promotion yesterday. $50 instead of $59 for their 4 course meal! Quite worth it because we ordered the lobster as our main course and it costs $33 already.

Def going back there again for their chocolate & pistachio dessert and the lobster! 👌🏻✨

Catchup with the friends went really well too. So many exciting news. New boyfriend, new house, upcoming weddings and upcoming baby plans.

So happy for them all!

As for me… No exciting news but I just updated my blog again. This morning.

Short post but still. Hahaha.

Paddy Hills with the sisters for impromptu lunch today.

The coffee was so good.

Ordered iced because weather is being completely insane.

Pretty interior got me like 😍😍😍

Love spaces with greenery.

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