Happy day because…



My ephemeral soft spot for white sneakers.

This pair is super comfortable! I own several pairs of heels and flats from Melissa but this pair is the comfiest so far. Definitely see myself wearing this when I'm overseas because I tend to walk way more when I'm travelling, and comfortable footwear is a must.


Came across an article on FB which featured some really sound advice from Uber's CTO for startups and young entrepreneurs.

Thought I would share them here because they make so much sense.

Money will come when you do something that impacts a lot of people. If you chase only money, you will be really unhappy.

Building something that can impact and change people's lives across the world will always keep you motivated.

Don't take yourself too seriously and you will not hesitate to take bold risks in life. Have fun along the way.

Give back. Developing people will really make you satisfied at the end of it. Developing young ones in your teams who can lead and impact hundreds of lives – even after you're gone – will leave you satisfied.

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