Wanted to update about the blood type diet last night but I realised that the information is on my kindle…

Which I happened to misplace on my flight back from my work trip a week ago. So smart.

Every time I go on work trips alone. Confirm lose something. The last time was my iPhone. This time kindle.

What next? πŸ˜”

Anyway, you can go Google about the blood type diet if you wanna find out more! Heaps of information on the Internet for sure.

If you've walked past Citylink today…. You would have seen this!


Can't wait to show more once we make some progress for the interior. Whee.

Randomly… There's a quiz that you can create for your friends to answer on FB to see how well they know you.

So I picked this question "Does Joyce believe in true love?" and so far those who took the quiz picked the non affirmative answer.


I cannot believe in true love izzit. Do I look so jaded seriously?? Hahaha.

Okay wait don't answer that question.

I don't know if I really still believe in it but I know that I want to. Hmm. 😌

DON'T LAUGH @nakedglory @clarayapweiwei @jongsy

The current interior left behind by the previous tenant looks ugly as hell but I promise you won't be able to reconcile this with the final look once we're done.



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