BKK For DTAC! ✈️

Leaving sg again for the fourth time since start of this year.

This time round to BKK! 🎉

The excitement of travelling never falters. So excited to see what bkk has in store for me this time round.

In Bangkok after a short two hour flight!

Love how the location tag on Dayre changes every time I'm in a different country! Heh.

Here to share more about DTAC! It's a sim card for tourists and instead of having to join the long queues to get your sim card… You can now get your DTAC sim card right from a vending machine!


Waiting for the person in front of me to be done.

They have different packages to suit tourists with different needs.

I'm super happy that I got to go on this campaign with DTAC because a sim card/data is truly what I cannot live without when I travel to other countries.

No matter the price, I am willing to pay. As long as I can have my connection to the world. Hahaha. #gluedtomyphone #dataaddiction #firstworldproblems

It's only 299 baht which converts to about what.. Slightly less than $12 bucks? Unlimited data for 7 days!!

Perks of staying just right next to Big C!


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