Been so occupied with things going on at work and in life recently… I don't know where the days went.

Looks like it's gonna be this way for a while. At least until we are settled with the pop up stores coming up.

Yes you heard me right. STORES. Plural.

Some days I truthfully don't know if we can pull it off with so many things on our plate. But most days I try to be positive and keep my fingers crossed that things will all turn out the way they are supposed to.


Side note: it's been so long since I've been properly updating my dayre. Didn't even notice the new changes. Lol.

Promise to update more! But disclaimer….. Whenever I can. This week is really. Insane.

Last night at Citylink.

Uploaded a video on snapchat too! Pop over to see > joycesayshello ▶️

The renovation took way longer than expected because we were asked to submit tons of documents and paperwork. And also, waiting for fixtures to be shipped. Zzz. We were due to open on 4 April actually….. But this delay that delay. I think (HOPEFULLY) we will only finally be able to open officially on 16 April.

Contractors delivering the partition walls over yesterday post midnight.

Also. I don't get it that they only allow delivery after midnight when the shopping mall closes at 10pm. Midnight charges are the bane of my life seriously.


I miss the times we had our store at PoMo. The management there was really flexible with most things and are so easy to work with.

At least we got our signage up……. Lol. Trying to be positive. ➕➕➕

Sucky photo but cannot hiam cause contractor send one. Hahaha.

Oh well.

Despite all that angst towards the renovation works which are slowly creeping along, I'm still in a strangely good mood because a visit to Covo and a coat of new hair colour is always a mood lifter.

Doesn't look like it in these photos but my hair colour is now noticeably lighter than the previous. Told Yoshi I want lighter colour hair (was actually showing him photos of blond hair) but he reckoned that I should go slow and give my hair a break before going really light.

Told him to do whatever he thinks would look nice on me. And not surprisingly, I really like the colours he gave me this time round!

I know it's hard to tell from photos but he gave me subtle lavender tones at the ends.

So pretty! 😍

I used to be really hesitant about bleaching my hair because I've seen many bleached hair gone wrong.. But I trust Covo with it! Hair still looks like hair after bleaching, not grass. Lol.

The colours are always subtle and tastefully done. Which I really like.

Not over the top but it still stands out.

Okay gotta dash now.

Need to check out Internet options for the store plus check off some tasks off my to-do-list which looks more daunting by the minute.

Talk to you guys later!


Hahahah sorry I'm such a noob at snapchat. Just realised that my settings is set such that only my friends can view my story!

Sorry old already cannot keep up with all these. Lol.

Just changed it so now yall can see my snaps.


Coincidentally matchy outfit with the sister! Hehe @jongsy 👯


It's been ages since my last ootd here I think. Recently I've taken to posting most of them on the blog because new blog layout chio + can post them in non square format!

But anyway.

Super adorable stripey top coming up on TTR this Sunday! Perfect for all upcoming beach and summer vacays. ☀️🌴

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