Five & Dime

Was initially on our way to make finishing touches to our pop up at Isetan. Missed a turn and ended up on River Valley Road.

And I suddenly remembered reading somewhere that Five & Dime would be closing on 29 April!

So we ended up here for lunch hahahaha.

Most of their tables are reserved though. Seems like business must be booming! And yay we got a table with lots of natural light LOL. ✌️🏻 @jongsy

Iced latte for my tired soul.

Salmon Rocket was good but the Salted Egg Lava Cake thingy was da bombbbb.

The chocolate flavour kinda overpowered the salted egg yolk (I typed yoko instead of yolk LOLOL @nakedglory) but I still really liked it! Makes the chocolate less jelat, somehow.

Check out that gooey oozy lava goodness! 😍😍😍

And milo panna cotta which didn't look too photogenic… But just the right amount of sweetness and wobbly in all the right places.


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