Visuals From Photoshoots

Did three photoshoots over three consecutive mornings last weekend and I have so many photos to edit now.

Here's sharing some images from my absolute favourite set out of what we shot for #TTR this Monday morning!


I own so many pairs of denim shorts myself and since we have customers asking about them every now and then… We finally made a pair which belongs to our TTR Stitch Label!


The cutting is just perf and the rips all in the right places.

Also. The best selling piece at our Citylink store since the opening day! Pieces have been flying off the racks and we just did a new round of restock this morning. 👌🏻

It was a blazing hot morning but I love love love the images from this shoot!

They don't look as good in square format so be sure to check out the complete lookbook when I'm done uploading it to the website! Or check out TTR's ig account. Heh.

And also. Model damn hot la.


The entire team kept this pair of shorts!

Heheh. Even the model.

It was hot and we were drenched in perspiration by the end of the shoot but SO WORTH IT.

I rather the sun than the rain any day.

Sorry (but not sorry) for the spam. LOL.

Can't quite decide which photos are nicer out of all these I shot. So I put in a little more effort to edit them all so that I can share more photos on Dayre!

Launching these gorgeous shorts (also comes in light wash, I kept both ✌️🏻) this coming Sunday.

Will share my ootds tomorrow!


Why she so chio one???

You'll never be able to guess her age. We got the biggest shock of our lives when she told us.

Also. You'll realise that I hardly share about my personal life anymore. Cause I have none. But… Whatever.

I love the idea of having TTR go physical. It's another way of us reaching out to customers and at the same time, it fully utilises my overly active mind.

Every day is work work work but I'm loving it! So fulfilling, somehow.

Now and then, I wonder how it would be if I didn't have something of my own and I go work for someone else. I highly doubt that I will work as hard.

And also, I would probably get bored of whatever I do after a while. Hahaha. It's like my mind can never stay still.

Even with TTR, I make sure we dabble in new things or come up with new ideas every now and then.

New challenges always excite more than daunt me. After 6 years in the business, this is still something which I abide by very closely. Stagnation makes my mind shut down so I make sure we keep moving forward.

Okay I need to shut up about work. Hahaha.

Photoshoots are the most tiring but this past week also made me realize that I really like photography.

I can of course hire professional photographers to shoot for TTR and get way nicer images (because I'm still a noob at this obviously) but I really revel in the satisfaction seeing the visuals I produce at the end of the day.


And that is definitely one of the unexpected takeaways from running TTR. Discovering something that I am passionate about and love doing.

Shot for a really beautiful wedding lunch last Saturday at The White Rabbit.

The long table setup is love!

The super pretty rustic floral arrangement done by the bride herself.

I got to sit down a bit for lunch myself while shooting, lucky me.


Haven't asked the couple if I can share the images I shot so I shall leave it at these for now.

Will post the rest in my blog if they are okay with me sharing them!

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