TTR Store Updates

Guess who's working at the store today?


Soft launch promotion ongoing till this Sunday 24 April! New arrivals from this weekend's launch can be found here already.

30% off every 2nd piece!

See you if you heading down!

With @jongsy. šŸ˜˜

It's actually quite fun to work as the shopkeeper. Talking to customers can be a really interesting experience. Heh.

Recycling the crew tags from our TTR bonanza sale at the store so that it's easier for shoppers to differentiate our staff. Lolol.

Love that the store is located at citylink. So convenient and there's a Starbucks for me to have work meetings at.


Just ended a meeting with one of the brands which we will be partnering with in the next few months.

So excited about our goodie bags for citylink store's grand opening too! Beauty and skincare brands that I personally know and love. And will be throwing in exclusive TTR merchandise too!

Share more when I can! The grand opening is going be on 1 May but just let me confirm that again once everything is in place. Hahaha.

Got two meetings down pat, one more to go!


Love productive days like this. And am looking forward to the weekends already, despite having to work through it. At least I get to work at a more relaxed pace. Hahaha.

I'm so happy with our current wallpaper, by the way.

This was supposed to be the wallpaper we get for our Pomo store as well. But something screwed up at the supplier's and they delivered a wallpaper which was not what we originally wanted.

This was the old one we had at Pomo! I almost fainted when this got delivered to us. LOL.

It may not look that horrible in this photo and after we put it on the wall. But when we first saw it we thought that the shiny and slightly reflective textured surface was damn fugly.

But in the end we got over it and decided to put it up because sometimes life gives you shit and you just gotta make something out of it anyway. Hahaha.

Another item which I kept from Sunday's launch… Denim shirt dress!


Really like it cause it's soft denim and so so comfy when worn! One of those easy to wear pieces for dressed down days.

Got surprised at the store by my very sweet friends!

And macarons too!!


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