Been sleeping my entire day away. Of all weeks to fall sick, my body picked this week.

Woke up with my body aching all over yesterday morning. Then the fever, cough and sore throat came in around mid day. Was basically feeling like a corpse while I was in the office yesterday LOL.

I didn't feel that it was that serious until I was at the doctor's today and found that that my temperature was at 38.4.


Thought I could still head to work and meet my friends for meals today!


Guess not. Can only have these for company today instead.

Feels so odd that I'm actually home on a weekday. Doing nothing but sleep. Just woke up from my second nap today.

The only other time this ever happened ever since I graduated from school was around 2-3 years back? When I had HFMD.

The doctor said that he's going to treat this as a normal flu for now but because of my body aches, it might very well be dengue if I don't recover in 2 days time.


I hope not.

Crossing my fingers.

Was at home with no dinner and feeling slightly sorry for myself when the doorbell rang.

And there was @@nakedglory, with corn soup from mos burger and a thermometer! 😢

What did I ever to do deserve awesome friends around me. Mega touched laa.

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