Sick, Still.

Thank you for all the love and concern!!

I'm feeling much better compared to the past 2 days but last night wasn't much fun. Woke up around 3am cause my drowsy meds wore off and had this urge to throw up. But I didn't eat much so essentially there was nothing coming out.

Cycle repeats for a few times throughout the night and I felt so chilly that I woke up and switched off the air conditioning even though it was so warm. Sorry @jongsy 😢

The fever is mostly gone now but I've been feeling giddy and nauseous since I woke up this morning.

Shall head to the doctor after work later…. Hopefully don't have to take blood test! Meh. What a time to fall sick, really.

Today shall be cui day because I can't bring myself to put on makeup or even iron my shirt. Lolol.

Sick means got excuse to look like shit. 💩 Hahaha.

Gonna be packing goodie bags in the office later for our grand opening week. Finally I can do something useful other than just lying in bed.

I've counted and I took a grand total of 4 naps over the past 2 days. Lol. Making up for all the days I was being deprived of sleep.

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